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Tauranga Music | Tauranga | Tom Charleson Musician Guitarist

I'm available for bars / / cafe / restaurant gigs playing acoustic covers. I can provide sound systems for small intimate rooms to large outdoor areas or plug into the house system - whatever works for you. 

W E D D I N G S  / /  C O R P O R A T E S

I'm available for weddings or corporate functions playing acoustic covers (instrumental or with singing) and can DJ for the main reception, with additional musicians (horns, percussion) available on request. I can tailor the setlists to match the occasion and your tastes in music and even learn any particular song you want to hear. 

I provide a high quality sound system and lighting if required. Please get in touch for a quote. 

         S E S S I O N    G U I T A R I S T 

I'm available as a session guitarist for recording or live performances. With extensive live performing and recording / production experience I can bring a wealth of knowledge to your project.


I play a wide range of music using a range of guitar and vocal pedals including a looping pedal to keep things interesting. Here's a few of the artists included in my sets 

| Pink Floyd | The Beatles | The Black Seeds | The Black Keys | 

| Jimmy Hendrix | Fat Freddies Drop | John Mayer | Tom Petty | 

| Neil Young | Salmonella Dub | Ed Sheeran | Bob Marley | 

| Bruce Springsteen | Eric Clapton | Michael Jackson | Foo Fighters | 

| Red Hot Chili Peppers | Foster the People | Ben Harper | The Eagles | 

| Jack Johnson | and many more.. 

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